Thursday, March 8, 2007

Sleep Study

A few weeks ago, Samuel went in for a sleep study at the hospital. Judging from his symptoms, his doctor thought he might have sleep apnea. This would not be a big surprise since both of his parents have sleep apnea and have to use the c-pap machines at night. Last night, we were going through the mail, and Samuel received a letter from the hospital--his test results. We weren't expecting them for another couple weeks since the hospital said that it would be at least a month until they contacted him again. Surprise, surprise...Samuel has sleep apnea! They even called it "significant". They said the testing told them he stops breathing 64 times an hour!!!! Holy cow!! That's once a minute!! His dad has been told his sleep apnea is pretty bad and he only stops breathing 20 times an hour. Even though it stinks that he has this problem, we are so thankful that we know what is going on and that the remedy seems like it might be pretty straightforward and managable. Now they want him to come back so that he can sleep there again while they try the c-pap machine on him so that they can get the adjustments right. He called the sleep center this morning and is able to get in tonight!! He won't be able to take home a machine with his tonight, but hopefully he will be able to get a machine of his own very soon so that we can get accustomed to this change in our bedroom before Malachi comes. The doctor warned us before we started this whole process that this process can be very slow moving, but so far, things have been happening fairly quickly. It seems like they would want to get him what he needed ASAP so that he can start sleep more comfortably--and more safely for that matter!! I am glad that I am such a hard sleeper so that Samuel won't worry about disturbing my sleep (isn't he so sweet--he worries sometimes that I don't get enough sleep because of him!!). If he can get the machine in the next week or two, Malachi will also be able to get used to the noise, so when he is born, that will be one less new thing outside the womb to bother him. I just can't wait to get the Samuel I am used to back--not so tired and irritable and with more energy to do things together. I know that he is anxious to feel and sleep better, too!!


buhtafly said...

WOW !! once a min??? thats scary!! I am so glad that he is getting in tonight and hopefully a machine very soon!!! I am glad this is moving right along! I am sure Malachi will love the bubble sound!!

Teresa said...

WOW!! That is CRAZY!!!! What a blessing that they have a machine that can help/fix the problem! I hope everything gets better very, very soon!