Wednesday, March 7, 2007

An Outie Already?!?

On Sunday, I brushed my hand against my stomach while I was at church and noticed that my belly button was poking out. It took me a minute to realize what my fingers had just bumped and then all I could think was "already?!?". I didn't get an outie with Natalie until just a couple weeks before she delivered, so I was a bit surprised. It makes sense though, since there was only about 4 months between the body says been there done that, so let's do it again. I went home and had Samuel take some pics of my new development and we measured my belly--47-1/2 inches...That's 2 whole inches bigger than the last time I measured my belly 2 weeks ago! I wish I had thought to measure my stomach when I was pregnant with Natalie so I would be able to have something to compare Malachi to, but the thought never crossed my mind!! Even though it has barely been a year since I have been through all of this, things like this never cease to amaze me!! His kicks and my tummy's contortions always make me smile and I could watch them for hours. How incredible it is to be carrying another life inside yourself...I will never get tired of this. I thinking to myself "I can't wait to finally meet him and hold him in my arms" but then another part of me wants to be pregnant forever. I think that I will be a little sad when my pregnancy ends, but a wonderful new chapter will start, and for that I am very thankful.

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Teresa said...

I always feel the same way, pregnancy is such a wonderful, amazing and special process! It is a special gift that God has given us as woman, such a privilege to grow and carry a life inside! Enjoy every minute!!! You are looking SOOOO cute!!! :)