Saturday, March 3, 2007

A REAL Baby!!!

It is finally starting to actually feel like I am going to have a baby to bring home. This weekend, my parents took us up to Babies-R-Us and bought us the stoller and carrier we registered for. I have to wait until one of my baby showers to take it home, but that's ok because I know that somewhere there is a carrier that has Malachi's name on it (literally!!!). It is finally starting to feel real. So far, my pregnancy is going great...same as Natalie's...which makes it hard to feel like things are going to be different. I guess I know in my head that I will be able to bring him home, but it is hard to be able to feel that in my heart. I catch myself saying "IF we get to bring him home" instead of "when". Oh well...soon enough my dream will come true when my sweet honey will be snuggling in my arms in my bed at HOME. I just have to be patient to get to that point...that will be the hard part!!! :)

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buhtafly said...

YAY!! I am glad its feeling more WILL get to take him home!! and its coming up quickly!!! I am so excited for you! How fun to have his stroller and car seat! I bet you cant wait to have it in the house :)