Thursday, March 1, 2007

I am so proud!!!

Some of my other friends who blog are bragging on their husbands lately, so I thought I would take some time to brag on mine. :) Earlier this week, Samuel was honored for doing a good job at work. I know this whole thing sounds a bit hokey, but I think it is so cool that his company honors their employees when they do great things. Samuel gets "Galloped" on at least two of the conversations he had with customers each month. "Galloped" means the Gallop Pole people call two customers and survey them about the conversation they had with Samuel. When you get two perfect scores in a month, you get to go a "marble ceremony". He received a fish bowl and a marble for each perfect score--two this month--and he gets to keep the bowl on his desk for everyone to see. Everytime you a get all perfect scores for three months in a row, you also get one of those big flat marbles that you often see in flower vases. Once the bowl is full, he gets an extra week of paid time off (hmm...first family vacation with Malachi???:)) Apparently, this is kind of hard since there weren't that many people at the ceremony. He also told me today that he is doing such a good job that his company wants him to be cross-trained to work in another department (more money per hour!!!) and is also being referred by his team leader for a class for people who are really good at what they do and want to fast track into higher positions. He has worked at other jobs where his boss doesn't even acknowledge all the work he put in and if he did say anything it was criticism--wonderful for your self-confidence. I am so thankful that the Lord finally provided him a job that he likes, has good friends to spend down time with, and that acknowledges his good work (good pay is a plus, too!!). I can tell that he feels better about himself lately and that he is proud that he finally has a good job and is able to provide well for his family. I just wanted to make sure he knows that I am so proud of him and all he does for me and our children. Samuel, thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you so much!

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