Tuesday, April 17, 2007

He dropped ?!?!?

So I woke up yesterday morning and got out of bed and looked down at my stomach and thought it looked a bit different. I thought this could be normal though, since sometimes Malachi gets in weird positions when I'm lying in bed and usually goes back to his "usual" spot shortly after I get up. Once I got to work, I was subconsciously rubbing my belly and thought to myself, this feels different. I looked down and my belly was still looking different. So when my belly still looked different after lunch I came to the conclusion--Malachi has probably dropped. I showed Samuel when he got home from work and he confirmed my suspicion. Instead of my belly being round right below my bust line, it slopes downward a bit now toward my belly button. Natalie never had a chance to drop since she was induced, so this is all new to me. Maybe I am losing it and this isn't happening at all, but it sure seems like he could have dropped. I am so anxious--a good nervous!!--to see what will happen...will he be born by c-section in just a couple weeks, or will the Lord bring him into this world "normally" before we can cut him out??? I can hardly wait to look at his little face and snuggle him close. It gives me goosebumps!!!


Teresa said...

How exciting!!!! I will keep you in my prayers! Maybe we will get to see that little angel sooner then we expected!!! YES :)

Bree said...

EEEE!!! so exciting!!! I can't wait!!!