Friday, May 25, 2007

2 week appointment

Yesterday, we visited Malachi's doctor again for his 2 week appointment. He said that Malachi is doing very well. His circumcision has healed properly and his cord fell off and is looking good. He has grown nearly an inch--he is at 22 1/8 inches, up from 21 1/4 inches at birth. But we were surprised by his weight...9 lbs 12 ozs--up almost a whole pound from last week! When he left the hospital, we were at 8 lbs 6 or 7 ozs (can't remember!! haha sleep deprivation as a way of doing that to you!) so he is up a pound and some change since then. I guess we are good at nursing! The day before his appointment, Samuel weighed himself and them weighed himself again while holding Malachi and the scale said that Malachi was 10 pounds. "No stinkin way!" I told Samuel. He laughed at me when Malachi was weighed at the doctor's office. So our chunky monkey is doing fine--snuggly and mellow as ever. Every day we look at him and can't believe how lucky and thankful we are for such an adorable son. The Lord has definitely blessed us!!

See how curly my hair is after is it washed!

Look at me! I'm two weeks old!

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