Tuesday, May 22, 2007

He giggled!!!

Last night around 12:30 am, I had just gotten done feeding and burping Malachi and he was laying face down on my chest since he wanted to snuggle a bit more before falling asleep. I was watching his face and he was smiling off and on like he often does when he is sleeping or drowsy. Then he got a really big smile on his face and he giggled! It was way too cute and I am so glad Samuel heard it since he had not fallen asleep yet. Normally he makes his sighing, deep breath noises, but this noise sounded distinctly different and alot like a giggle. I know that he wasn't giggling at anything specific, but it was just so cute and I couldn't believe he did it at 11 days old! I knew I would love my son, but I didn't think that it would be this intense! I have fallen in love--HARD!! :)


Teresa said...

He is SOOO cute!! I am so happy to see that you are all doing so well and enjoying every minute :)

Bree said...

ahhh look at him! how cute you heard him giggle!!!