Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The countdown has started!!!

I visited my OB yesterday afternoon and I have been given a date...tomorrow at 7 am. I have to check in to be induced. I was 3 cm dilated already (he could feel his head!) and having regular contractions--although I cannot feel them! ha ha Dr Frank thinks that things will go slowly like they did with Natalie and that he will be born on Wednesday or Thursday am. I am just hoping that it will not take 24 hours to deliver like it did with Natalie. It seems like since this is my second child and since my body has already started things a bit, that it might not take that long, but I am not the OB so who knows!! We are just excited for his arrival! I will have a child at home this Mother's Day! Dr Frank even thinks that I will be out of the hospital and feeling OK enough to have him dedicated at church on Sunday!! I am so excited!! This year will definitely be a happy Mother's Day for us. I will try to keep things as updated as I can. Please pray for manageable contractions (Natalie's came started almost immediately and with no breaks in between) and a quick delivery. Thanks!!

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Teresa said...

Okay, I have serious goose bumps just thinking of the journey you have been on.......what a drastic difference a year makes! This is going to be a Mother's day to remember!!!! I will keep you in my prayers tomorrow!!!