Saturday, May 5, 2007

Malachi is coming!!!!

I went to the OB yesterday (Friday) and my blood pressure was fine, I had lost 2 pounds since Thursday, and my swelling was gone. Dr Frank told me to go ahead and finish my urine test and turn it in, but he was pretty sure that nothing would show up and that we would talk about when he might be born at my next appointment the following Thursday. I was pretty bummed out since he told me that Malachi would be born at the beginning of May and gave me the impression that we would be making some decisions regarding his birth at my appointment on Thursday. (Don't get me wrong, I am not mad at my OB, just bummed that things aren't working quite the way we thought--but we are talking about childbirth--what was I thinking!?!?!) Then I also realized that if this was the case, there was only a slim change of Malachi being here for Mother's Day--that made me want to cry, I was really hoping to have a baby at home this Mother's Day. I went back to work after I turned in my test and tried not to think about things and get more disappointed. Around 4:30, Samuel called me at work and said, "you have preeclampsia". "You are joking, right?" was my only response. "No, and this is your last day at work." Hmmmm, that can't be half bad. Samuel told me that the protein levels came back just barely over the point of having mild preeclampsia (just barely...the story of my life!) and that I had to lie down as much as possible this weekend and take it easy (boring already!!!) and that Dr Frank wants to see me on Monday and we would see what my body is doing and make plans from there. He told me to drink Raspberry Leaf Tea since it is supposed to soften my cervix. That means that Malachi will be here NEXT WEEK!!!! IN TIME FOR MOTHER'S DAY!!!!! I know it isn't good for me to be sick, but I like the fact that it makes it possible for him to come sooner. I just can't wait to snuggle my chunky monkey!!!!

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