Saturday, May 12, 2007

Malachi is here!!!

Our precious baby boy is finally here!! We came home about an hour ago and I wanted to make sure that I shared some pics. The official stats:
Birthday: 5/10/07 2:58 pm
Weight: 9 lbs 0 ozs
Length: 21-1/4 in

Our happy family!

He is such a good baby!! He is a really good nurser and is super snuggly. We are so excited to share him in person with you! These pics are from my parent's camera, so I will post some other pics that we took of him in the next few days. Thanks for all your prayers and love!! Our miracle is finally here!!!


Bree said...

He is so precious!! I am so glad I got to seem him today! Congrats!!!! Happy MOthers day!!!

Teresa said...

What a bundle of joy!!! Enjoy every minute....even the ones at 3am :) Happy Mothers day!!!!

Pam said...

Emma says she is 9 1/2 now and an experienced helper. so, if you need some help so you can rest... give me a call and I can bring her by for a few hours. Treasure it all. blessings to you! Pam F.