Thursday, October 4, 2007

Family Update

Lots has happened lately, where to begin???

Samuel has a new job, working for a collections agency here in town. It pays a bunch more an nice!!! Plus, he only works until noon on Saturdays, so we can still have the weekend together since Malachi and I are usually just getting going around that time anyways!! He starts on Monday and he is really looking forward to it. He has been getting physical therapy for his back for the last week after we discovered he has a herniated disc in his lower back. The therapy makes him so sore, but we are just hanging on to their promise it will make things better later on.

I got my hair cut SHORT about a couple weeks ago. I have had short hair before, but never this short. Malachi was really starting to yank on it and it is soooo much easier to do and take care of when it is short, so this really suits me that this point. I really like it. I'll have to post a new pic so you can compare!!

Malachi is now a tummy sleeper. No matter how many times you roll him back to his back, he always rolls over to his left side and sleeps on his stomach. It made us a bit uneasy the first few nights, but he has a strong enough neck to lift his head up if he gets in trouble and tummy sleeping is helping him sleep so much better, so we are fine with it now...not like he's giving us a choice!! haha He is getting so playful...he loves to play all afternoon. Yesterday he played all day with daddy and only slept for 10 minutes between 9 am when he woke up and 10:30 pm when he finally was asleep enough to transfer to his crib. He is starting to figure out what to do to make his toys work. One of his good friends, Connor, gave him a soccer goal (makes Daddy very happy!) at one of his showers and Malachi knows exactly how to make a goal so that it plays music. The goal post also has one of those spinney balls with beads to make noise mounted it in and he has figured out that he needs to use his hand to push down on it to make it spin and make noise. Then he sits and watches it until it stops and does it again. Way too cute. He loves to laugh and has definitely found his voice. He really likes to talk and make tons of noise. He got his first "hair cut" on Tuesday. His bangs where down to the tip of his nose and were really starting to bug him. So Mommy got out her scissors and cut them to just above his eye brows...not the most professional looking job, but his hair is always messy anyways, so you can't really tell. We have come to the conclusion that he will have to have his first "big boy" haircut before Christmas...a bit overdue, but oh well. He's not going for job interviews quite yet, so he can be shaggy for a bit longer!! haha He has also discovered that his hands are good at grabbing things and he just won't stop, Mommy's nose and lips, the magazine you are reading, anything that comes near him. He is so ready to eat. Every time we eat, he just stares at you with his mouth open and follows your every move. If you get anywhere close to him with food, he will reach for it and try as hard as he can to get it in his mouth. I keep telling him "a couple more weeks", but that doesn't seem to help!! I just can't believe that he will be 5 months old next week...time flies way too quickly! I'll be sure to post my 5 month update next week.

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Rochelle said...

oh man the first haircut! i bet it looks great! Sounds like things are doing great. glad your hubby got a new job. super exciting.