Monday, October 22, 2007

A note from Malachi

Just after I finished my last post, Mr. Malachi decided to wake up. I thought we'd play on the computer for a bit to give Daddy a bit more shut eye. He decided that he would like to make a contribution to our blog.
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From, Malachi

(Kinda looks like how he sounds when he talks right now!! My brother did this with him the other day while I was at work, so I had a lovely typed note from my son waiting for me when I picked him up. That will definately make it into the scrapbook!!)


Teresa said...

This is super cute!! Thanks Malachi for your two cents!! :)

jhc2004 said...

Hi, I am writting you to ask for some advise. My friend is pregnant and her baby has acrainia. I am doing everything I can to help her. We live in FL and no doctor here wants to help her. What do we do? Please if you could please give me some advise I would be very grateful. She is 5months pregnant and just found out all this 3 weeks ago. thank you so much.

Samuel & Amy said...

Dear jhc2004, this is Amy (the writer of this blog) first please tell your friend that we are praying for her. I would be happy to tell you more about how we handled my pregnancy with my daughter. I'm not sure how to contact you...please email me at I will help in anyway that I can. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email heart in hurting just thinking about your dear friend. Amy