Saturday, November 17, 2007

Another first!

We have been suspicious that Malachi would be getting his first tooth very soon. He has been drooling like MAD for the last several weeks, had a runny nose, cheek rash, you know the whole slew of symptoms...we were just waiting for the tooth to appear. Well last night, I was feel around in there and he started crying and wouldn't stop. As I was watching him scream, I noticed a little spot where his bottom front right tooth will be that wasn't there that morning (mouth wide open and tongue curled up in his protests made it very easy to see!!) So I took a closer look and saw what looks like a small canker sore and in the middle of that "sore" a little white TOOTH!! Woo Hoo!! We are getting closer and closer to big boy territory by the minute. He doesn't like it being messed with and doesn't chew on things on that side of his mouth. Now we will see how long it takes to sprout all the way! I knew that milestones come and go quickly when you have a little one, but I can hardly believe just how quickly things are going.

We went today and got Malachi's 6 month and some holiday pictures taken at JC Penney's. I just can't believe how busy it was and there is nothing like the Christmas/Holiday season to make people cranky (especially at the mall). Just trying to get to the portrait studio, people were running out in front of the stroller making us have to quickly stop to keep from hitting them (oh and don't forget the dirty look when you don't stop quick enough for them!) and others refusing to let me on the elevator (not even exaggerating...5 people on the car...plenty of room for me--just me, no stroller--and all of them turn their heads like they don't see me and push the "close door" button as I'm trying to get on!!) I'm surprised we made it out of their alive. We were a bit frustrated because we made our appointment for 12:30pm because Malachi is up from his nap and in a really good mood at that time. We were told they were 20 minutes big deal until it was over an hour later and Malachi is starting to get fussy and want to sleep...crud. We had been told about 20 minutes before that that we were next, so I went to ask what was taking so long and they quickly got their act together. We got some really cute pictures and had a hard time deciding on which to buy!! I can't wait to share them with you once we get them emailed to us!

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