Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I am officially a mommy...

Ok...so I think that I have officially dove head first into the deep end Mommyhood. I am sitting at my desk here at work with a song rolling around in my head which isn't totally abnormal...most times of the day I have at least one song in my head--either from my MP3 player or a TV commercial (haha! If my husband reads this, he'll roll his eyes...long story!!). It's the song I am finding myself singing OUTLOUD that is the problem. It's from the VeggieTales CD that my aunt gave Malachi (which he LOVES by the way!! Thanks Aunt Debbie!)..."When you are special to Him then you're special to me! Love your neighbor, when someone helps you then you'll understand, when you love your neighbor, loving means lending a hand!" Oh, for Heaven's sake. I am actually singing this loud enough that someone could hear me! Hopefully a catchy song will play on the way home from work to erase this temporarily!!

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Kailani said...

LOL! I hear you! When my daughter was younger, she was totally into the Wiggles. I used to hum the songs at work!

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