Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Very Merry Un-Birthday to me!!

(I am channeling Alice in Wonderland with that title!) I just can hardly believe that Malachi is already 6 months old. It doesn't seem like it was very long ago when we were packing up the car and heading off to the hospital to be induced. How wonderful the last 6 months have been. We are a rolling, sitting up, tag and thumb sucking ball of energy. He is almost always in a good mood...well except for at nap and bedtimes...we all know how that goes!! Still nursing like a champ and just loves eating rice cereal...he'd eat it all day long if we would let him. We'll have to see what the Dr says about when we can have a bit more variety in our diet. I'm sure he will love it! It is so much fun to watch as his personality is bursting forth...just before I posted this, he was straining to poo (hadn't done it all day) and he got out a little fart, sat there for a second and then shook his head and rubbed his nose really hard as if to say "pe-ow" and then continued to play like nothing had happened (it was alot cuter in real life...sometimes you just can't do things justice in writing!! ). Crazy kid!! I am just so thankful for how the Lord has blessed us with such a healthy and just plain good baby...I thank Him everyday!! Daddy and Mommy just love you so much Malachi!!
Here's the official six month Buddy picture.
A fine example of the tag (or ribbon or any tab-like piece of fabric) and thumb sucking combo.
This is best way to take toys with you when you are rolling or being carried from place to place.
Trying to help Mommy take my picture!

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Kailani said...

I just love when babies have all those folds in their arms and legs! So huggable!

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