Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Breaking ground...again.

Ok, so Malachi was so fussy yesterday morning and I just could not figure out why. He didn't want to nurse, only wanted to be held and even when you did that, he would cry and cry (instead of scream and gag when you put him down). I barely got a shower before I went to work...I'm sure all my co-workers were very appreciative! So, I finally got the car loaded up and put him into his car seat and he starts to smile and laugh...grrr...what a goober. By the time we get to my parent's house, he is in a very good mood. How frustrating! Anyways, he was fussier than normal, but totally manageable at for my parents and when I got home he just couldn't get happy no matter what we did. During one of his crying drags (mouth wide open, tongue curled up), I discovered the source of all of our problems...his second tooth! You could see the very tips of the jagged top just poking though. I was so glad to finally be able to figure out why he was so grumpy. I know that it doesn't make him feel any better, but it sure helps me! So in the next couple of days, we should have a matching pair in the middle of his bottom jaw. oooooo...I hope we don't learn how to bite anytime soon.

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