Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Green beans, Squash, and peas, oh my!

So we have put both feet into "real food" land, and we seem to be doing pretty good. Our first attempt was green beans that I blended up myself, and that didn't go over very well. He spit it out, shook his head, and gaged himself. So, we moved onto squash since I heard that it tends to be a favorite. He loves it and barely reacted to the different taste. Once we finished that container, we tried peas. It was like green beans all over again. I fed peas to him the first time and tried it several different times during the same sitting. All my attempts met the same reaction....spit up, shake head, gag. I thought we should start thinking about buying stock in squash, until last night. I gave Samuel the evening feeding honors since I was in the middle of a project and all he was doing was watching his favorite "Top Gear" car show on the BBC ("but I haven't seen this one!!" he says...grrr...you mommies know how that excuse goes over!). A few minutes later I look up and see Samuel set down the EMPTY peas container. "He ate it all?!?" "Yup." "Did he like it?!?" "Yup." Hmmm. I guess I know who will get the new-food-introduction honors from now on.

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