Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A **Late!!** Christmas Update

Malachi's first Christmas was tons of fun. Christmas Eve was spent with my Mom's side of the family...lots of good food, family, and gifts. Malachi got a stuffed Eeyore, a giraffe pull toy, Elmo tub toy and mega blocks among other things. He had no idea what to do with the wrapping paper, but once I got it off, he definitely wanted the toy inside. We stayed there into the evening and got into our Christmas jammies and played with our new toys once everyone left. My parents and brother came over on Christmas morning to open presents and eat breakfast together. He got several new toys, some adorable clothes, and a really neat drum from Uncle Lee. Uncle Lee plays the drums at church, so this was a natural!! Malachi loves to sit with it in between his legs and chew on the sticks (they are attached with strings to the side) and hit the drum with his hand and make noise. Grammy and Grampy also gave him a car-rider thing that has a noise maker that looks like a dashboard and is one of those toys that "grows with you". Right now he loves to sit in it and push the music button and wiggle and rock to the music with a big smile on his face! Way too cute!! Christmas Day afternoon, Samuel's parents and 4 of Malachi's cousins came over. They gave him a Leap Frog toy that stands about hip height. Malachi loves to just stand up and play with the noise makers and doesn't even need our help to balance anymore!! Samuel and I prepared our first "big dinner" for them and I thought it turned out pretty nice. We sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus after presents and had pie and talked for a while. I thought it all turned out pretty nice. This year we also started a tradition of having a purple rose with us at all of our Christmas celebrations in memory of Natalie. Lee's girlfriend, Lynette, came up with the idea last year and surprised us by bringing a white carnation to the Christmas Eve celebration. So this year, we decided that this will be something we do from now on. At Christmas Eve it was on the mantel in the living room where we opened presents. Christmas morning it was in our living room where we spending time and in the afternoon, on the dining table while we all ate. I made personalized ornaments for each person who came to dinner and I hung Natalie's on the vase. I think that this will be a fun and pretty way to remember our sweetie. Here are some pictures!!!

Natalie's Rose

He even wore a button up shirt and tie to Christmas Eve!! Hot stuff!!
Christmas Jammies!

I have been looking forward to Christmas with Malachi for so long, that now I don't know what to do with myself now that it has come and gone. I guess 1st birthday is next!!! oh nooooooo!! It really is not that far away!! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and that your New Year is treating you well!!

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buhtafly said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas :) I love the rose idea for special :) Malachi looks like such a big boy in those pictures!!WOW! adorable as ever! Happy New Year and Merry "late" Christmas :)