Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Car--Sort of...

So we sold the Honda. We were able to get almost $5,000 for it, enough to pay off the loan, buy a new cheapie car, and get some debts paid. So we spent a whopping $750 for its replacement, an '88 VW Fox. Yes, this car is only 6 years younger than I and it is not the best looking car I have ever seen, but it will do the job. Samuel is able to do any work it needs and it gets GREAT gas mileage. It will be a good comuter car for Samuel and Malachi really likes it because the windows are lower than in the Mazda and he can see out so much better. He has always LOVED looking out the windows when we are driving. It is a 4-speed, so it took me a bit to remember how to drive it when I first got behind the wheel--I haven't driven a stick in 5 years! My first car was an '84 Ford Escord, 4-speed with a top speed of 65 mph, so this car is right up my alley. I even found myself missing have an stick. Ha ha!!
Oh, the warmer weather has made our daphne bloom. Our front yard smells like heaven!! I always love this time of year. The tulips are starting to sprout...Summer will be here before we know it!!

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