Monday, February 25, 2008


This morning, Samuel was sent home early since their phone system was not working, so I decided to go to work at 10 am instead of noon so that I could come home earlier and spend time with my boys. I was home at noon! It was so nice. So we went grocery shopping and then to the park where we played on the swings and took a nice walk, all of which Malachi enjoyed immensely. So we got home and Malachi was really tired so he went down for a nap. Samuel and I ate dinner and I set up on the computer to download some pictures, make a card and surf the web. All of the sudden, Samuel says, "Did you realize it is 7?!?" Malachi was STILL SLEEPING!! We went into his room and he was just lying there sucking on his thumb, obviously just starting to wake up. Oy...we will be up late tonight! I'm just so turned around with the time of day since my work schedule was different today and I was so engrossed in working on the computer, that I just totally lost track of time. That'll teach me! He's eating dinner with Daddy right now and still rubbing his eyes and yawning a while bunch so maybe we will get lucky and he'll go down for the night at a descent hour!

Here are some cute shots from our first time playing on the swing at the park this afternoon! He loved it...laughed and cackled the whole time. Looking at all the doggies and other kids was fun, too!


Teresa said...

Cute pictures!! So, what time did he go to bed??? I have done that before and I hate the worry that goes along with anticipating a long night :) HAHAHA Sounds like the morning shift would be awesome if you can work that out at work! : ) Good luck!

Rochelle said...

wow what great pix. he looks so happy in the swing. i love park days.