Monday, March 17, 2008

10 months

Malachi turned 10 months old last Monday (sorry I didn't get to this sooner, buddy...sissy's special days distracted me a little bit!). I just can't believe how old he is getting! (I know that I say that every month! haha) We went to a one year birthday party for one of his buddies over the weekend and it really started to hit me that it was our turn next. I remember how quickly the months of what would have been Natalie's first year flew by and didn't think that Malachi's could zoom by even more quickly!! Crazy!!
We are getting to be such a big boy! His favorite thing is cruising along furniture and toys and is getting really quick, too! His favorite toy is still his Leap Frog Table, but he plays with all of the toys we have out every day. He can pull himself up now. It is a bit of a challenge right now, but with a bit more practice, he'll have it down pat! He has stopped rolling as much and has mastered the army crawl...he's getting very quick! I am really having to concentrate on keeping the living room floor clean, otherwise I am running all over keeping him out of things all day! He sleeps through the night every night...he's only woken up during the night once in the last 2 weeks!! I am so thankful for that!! haha He is still a huge chow hound at every meal, but we are having a hard time getting him to drink much of anything since he stopped nursing. We offer him a bottle a couple times a day and he will drink a couple ounces and then just play with it or through it across the room (he's got quite the arm, but the way!). We have also tried several types of sippy cups, giving him a small regular cup, droppers...nothing seems to do the trick. His Dr said that he needs to be drinking three 8 ounce bottles a day--HA! He hasn't had that much fluid in one day since he stopped nursing. Hopefully he will start to take an interest in drinking again soon so we don't have to take him back to the Dr...any suggestions anyone??
Here is the official 10 month Buddy shot.Here are some other cute pictures we took last week. Gotta love this kid!

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Milk Mama said...

Happy 10th Month, Malachi!!! I love his name! It is perfect! It was on my list if Anna was a boy. Anna will be 16 months tomorrow, so their birthdays are close--er, date-wise anyway. ;)