Friday, March 7, 2008

On Strike--Part Two

So, we still haven't nursed since Monday. I'll get him all lined up and he just screams once he gets close. I have been giving him milk in a dropper, but he gets so frustrated and angry that last night I finally had to give him a small bottle of milk to get him calmed down. Maybe this will be it. Oh well...we'll have made it to 10 months and he decided to stop, not me. Besides, now that he doesn't nurse, he sleeps through the night (everyday this week!!), so at this age, I think that is a good trade off--if we have to. I'm staring to drink the mother's milk tea and take some of the supplements in hopes that I will be able to pump enough to get us to 12 months. They taste HORRIBLE!!!!!!! I had some of the tea last night and I had to keep myself from throwing up. It doesn't help that they taste and smell like black licorice which I cannot stand. Oh well, if it helps, I guess it is worth it.
Oh another little milestone. Last Sunday at church while we were working in the coffeeshop, Malachi stood by himself for nearly a minute for Grandma Ramos. I was so mad that I didn't get to see it!! But, oh well, since he did it again at home later that day. Now he does it once every day or so...just hold him up and get his feet under him and let go! So cute. He is starting to get much more daring with his cruising. Before it was mostly limited to the front of the couch and his LeapFrog learning table (best baby toy ever! He stood and played with that thing for over an hour the other night and then just sat down and asked to be held and then snuggled in and was asleep within 5 minutes!!), but now he is starting to see other things while he is cruising and will reach for them and transfer himself. He gets so excited and will laugh and clap...he knows that he is doing something neat!!
Ten month birthday is on Monday!! We have a well-baby check up then (on 3/10 at 3:10!! Weird!) since we didn't have the check-up...just the 6 months since we didn't have any insurance. We just want to make sure that the doctor thinks things are going OK and need to ask some questions. I want to see what he says about the cow's milk before 12 months thing. Unless he has a really good reason I haven't heard yet and depending on how pumping goes, he might be getting some moo juice before his birthday...we'll see I guess!
Have a great weekend!!

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Candi said...

Scrolling around through your posts. I found you from MilkMomma's blog.

I don't know if you already have a solution, but wanted to share my experience.

My oldest weaned himself at 9 months. Just like your son, he would cry if I offered it to him. I went ahead and put him on cows milk in a sippy cup and he didn't have any problems. He is 5.5 now. My youngest is two and he nursed until he was 19 months old!!