Wednesday, March 5, 2008

On Strike???

Malachi hasn't nursed since Monday. All I have to do is pull up my shirt and he starts to cry. First thing I thought was that he was weaning himself. So I started reading about when I can give him cow's milk and why I need to wait until a certain age when I came across a section in a parenting book about "nursing strikes". This book says it tends to happen between 6-12 months (check) and when they have a cold or are teething (possible check on both of those). It goes on to say that usually lasts for several days and just to pump and give him milk in a little bottles...and just ride it out and nursing should resume soon. I hope that is the case. But here is the rest of the issue...he will not drink anything apple juice or anything. That worries me a bit. I figure that he's getting enough moisture in his food to be ok and he's in a good mood and having good diapers, so I will hold off on freaking out about that for a few more days!! I have enough frozen milk and can pump enough to get him to his 10 month birthday (the 10th), but after that if he doesn't start back up, I think that I need to start thinking about what to do next. I could pump until he turns one, but my milk is starting to taper off some and I just can't get that much with my pump. I was thinking about putting him on formula ($$$cha-ching$$$) for a month until we get to start trying cow's milk, but I really don't think that switching from breast milk to formula to cow's milk in a month's span would be good for his little tummy. I think that if it comes down to it I will just give him cow's milk mixed with breast milk until he is 10 1/2 or 11 months and then just go to good ole moo juice after that. Honestly, what difference can 30 days really make?? What did mommies and babies in the pioneer days to when they wouldn't nurse?? Do any of you have experience with this?? What are your suggestions??


MomOf3 said...

I think you are on the right track. Watch those diapers. You want to see several wet diapers every day. Will he eat applesauce? It might be that nursing hurts because of new teeth. Have you tried giving him some pain relief (Infant Tylenol drops)? I suggest giving him some Infant Tylenol Drops and try nursing a half hour after that... If he starts acting lethargic, you may want to take him to your doctor. Good luck! I hope this helps!

Char said...

Good luck! Ryan weaned himself at 10 1/2 months and quit nursing cold turkey. He did go on strike a couple times, and we just let him eat when he was hungry, but didn't give him other options other than nursing. Good luck!!