Monday, April 14, 2008

11 months

April 10th marked Malachi's 11 month birthday. Lets see...we are crawling on our hands and knees (only sometimes because army crawling is just so much faster and easier!!), copying noises and sounds from everyone and everything (he LOVES to bark like the doggies) and is getting closer to saying "dog" and "cat". He pulls himself up on EVERYTHING and is very quick at cruising and walking with help. I think we are getting close to taking our first steps. He will grab something while he is standing up and then let go of what he is holding himself up with. He will stand there for several seconds until he realizes that he let go and then either fall down or grab a hold again. We are very good at eating table foods now and his favorites are grilled cheese sandwiches and bananas and loves it when you hold it for him and he takes bites like a big kid. We are so much better at getting enough to drink again, but only likes drinking juice, no water...only milk. This last week, he figured out how to go from laying down to sitting up and he is very good at it! His favorite thing to do is stand at the window and talk to the dogs and watch everything that is going on. He is so curious about and notices the little things...the birds in the trees, bugs on the window...and gets very excited about them. He loves ANYTHING with wheels, and gets very excited whenever he sees a school bus, garbage truck or any other big truck. He is such a little boy!! I just can't believe that the next monthly post will detail his 1st birthday!! Where did the time go?!?
Here's the official Buddy picture for this month.

It was very difficult to get any pictures this month...we have too much to do to sit for a picture. So finally Daddy had to put him in his lap and Mommy put Malachi's Easter basket on her head like a hat!! haha I'm sure that was a sight!!


Teresa said...

He is looking like such a big boy...where did that baby go?? :) It has been such a fun year to watch him grow and change! Can't wait for the post to announce that he is walking/running around everywhere :)

Char said...

Pictures get really hard at this stage!! Yay for 11 months! He's so cute!