Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Malachi!!

So today is Malachi's first birthday. I can hardly believe it!! We are getting ready for Malachi's pizza party and right now I have basically done everything I can before it's time to leave. My mom is coming over early so that we can pick up the balloons and go get the room ready. I can hardly wait!! Daddy and Malachi let me sleep in until 9 this morning, but I kept having one of those dreams where you aren't totally asleep, but not awake either. Anyways, I was dreaming that I still had to bake and frost another batch of cupcakes...oh no...the first dream made me sit up really quick in bed!! haha In real life, Samuel baked the cupcakes yesterday morning and I frosted them last night. They are all boxed up and waiting to be loaded up in the car. After Malachi finished his breakfast, we let him open our presents. We got him some pull back and go cars. They are made of a smushy plastic and have little bells in them so they are fun to chew on and make good noises. We also got him a pretend lawnmower that pops when you push it. He didn't really get how to rip the paper, but as soon as he saw the cars through the plastic packaging, he freaked out and started hitting the box to try to get them cute. He really likes the wheels on the lawn mower, too. He has been playing with them all morning.

He's down for his nap right now (perfect timing...thank you Lord!!) so he'll be up in time and all happy for his party at 2. I just can't wait...I think he'll have lots of fun!!! I'll try to post more tonight or tomorrow!!

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Char said...

Happy Birthday Malachi! Looks like you had a fun day!!