Saturday, June 21, 2008

Get Mommy a Defibrillator!!!

This happened on Tuesday, but I keep forgetting to blog about it!!!

A while back, my mom found a cute little rocking chair that is just Malachi's size that she keeps at her house. He loves it! It thinks that it is so neat to be able to sit in a chair his size and rock and loves to push it all around. Last week, she found another one for a couple dollars at a garage sale, so she bought it and gave it to us to have at our house. On Tuesday, I brought it home with me when I picked him up from her house. He was having fun investigating it and playing and Samuel and I were eating and watching a little TV while we were watching him play. Apparently, we both took our eyes off of him for a minute because we look over and he has pushed the rocking chair over to the kitchen table and...get this...HE IS STANDING ON IT!!! He decided it would be a good idea to do that so he could get the container of puffs on the table. I didn't know he could climb like that!!! My heart felt like it stopped (hence the need for the defibrillator!!) and Samuel (who was closer to Malachi) jumped up and held the chair steady. After we figured out that the situation was under control and nothing bad was going to happen, it was really hard not to laugh because Malachi just looked at us like we were crazy people and happily snacked on the puffs he had gotten a hold of. I think we have a monkey on our hands...he has been screaming like one for a while, but now he is climbing like one!!! Geez...he sure keeps us on our toes!!

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Rochelle said...

i hope he never makes on the table to swing from the light!! I know it is cliche, but noah actually tried that once! I hope you have a bunch of bandaids on hand. ha ha.