Monday, June 23, 2008

The art of sitting

Remember that little rocking chair that I mentioned in my last post. It has now been put to work for good. We've caught Malachi standing on it only one more time, and he has now figured out it is much more fun to sit in it. Now that he has to sit in a chair for snack in his new Sunday School class, sitting in any chair is more appealing, but especially this one since it is just his size. But he doesn't just back up to it and sit down like us grown ups do...that would be too boring. Malachi puts one foot up on it and scoots it to the back of the chair. Then he gets his rump up on it and then slides it to the back. At this point in his first few attempts, the leading leg would end up hanging over the slide behind the post that connects to the arm of the chair, and he would sit with the other leg where it should be and try to rock...not so easy. Now that he has more practice, the trailing leg simply slides onto the seat and the leading leg finds it's way to the front, too, making rocking so much easier. The face he gets once he has completed the tasks so is adorable, so proud of himself. He smiles even bigger when he gets it rocking. Hopefully I will be able to get a picture of it soon. Such a big boy!!

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