Monday, June 23, 2008

You are NOT getting sleepy...

FYI--I am supposed to be in bed right now. I have been having a terrible time getting decent sleep these last couple weeks. I am more tired when I wake up than I was when I went to sleep. I have been living off of coffee and Pepsi Max!!! This morning was the worst morning yet!! I could hardly talk when Samuel asked me questions, and never mind being able to pay attention to what he was saying in the first place. I am surprised I remembered how to get to work!! haha So Samuel told me that I was going to go to bed early tonight. I took a bath and read several chapters in a new book I have started, and was starting to feel very tired and hungry. So I got out of the tub and told Samuel that I needed a snack and then I was going to bed, so my honey made me a lovely little snack--isn't he sweet!!! Well, that was 8:45...two hours later and here I am!! I guess the snack gave me some energy since I don't feel all that tired right now. So much for getting to bed early!! haha I'll pay for it tomorrow!! I hope the rest of you get a fabulous night's sleep! Sweet dreams!

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