Friday, June 6, 2008

New Trend??

This morning, Malachi woke up at 7:30--his normal time. But what made tiday different is that HE DIDN'T TAKE A NAP!!!! Holy cow!!! He took a couple "chill breaks" (that's what we call when he relaxes for a little while with his blanket without sleeping), but didn't want to be rocked or snuggle at all. I was worried that this might make bedtime hard since he might be too tired to go to sleep on time, but at 7:50pm, his little switch flipped off and he was out cold. So funny!! After he gave up his afternoon nap cold turkey, I am a little concerned that he might be giving up naps all together. We aren't ready for that yet!!! I guess we'll find out!!

**Update** It is Saturday morning, he thankfully he went down for him morning nap around 9:30 am. I am so glad!!!

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