Sunday, July 27, 2008

Busy day!

After we came home from church today, we were all sitting in the living room. Malachi was playing with his toys and our cat Hannah walked through the room. She jumped over the gate that blocks off the hallway and Malachi followed. He stood on his tippy toes, pointed over the gate at the cat and said "Hannah". It sounds more like "Nanna", but the only time he says it is if he is pointing at the cat, so we are pretty sure that's what it means. So cute.

Yesterday afternoon, Malachi was quite cranky and no amount of milk, snacks, or playing outside seemed to help. We gave him a dose of Tylenol since he was a little warm before bed. Today, he was hanging upside down off of Samuel's lap with his mouth wide open cackling while Samuel was tickling him and we noticed to little white things on his upper gums. His first molars!!! He already has the front four teeth and these seem to be the teeth two back from there. No wonder he was cranky. The outside edge is out, so we'll see how things go when the other halves come in. Poor guy!!!

At dinner time, we went to my cousin's house for his son's birthday party. They live in Scotts Mills (nice and quiet!!) and have a big backyard. All of the big kids and grown ups played baseball and Malachi and I played on their play structure and he swung some, too. He wore himself out and fell asleep as soon as we got home that night. I think he had fun!!

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