Saturday, July 26, 2008


Today, Papa and Grandma (Samuel's parents), came over with our two youngest nieces (who are staying with them for a while) and our youngest nephew (who was visiting for the week). They were all very excited to see us and Malachi enjoyed playing with them at our house for a while. Once lunch time hit, we decided to all go to Burger King and eat together. While we were waiting for our food to come, Malachi said something that sounded like "Papa" while pointing at Papa. I didn't really hear it so I wasn't sure if it was just a normal gabbering sound or what. A little while later, when we were all sitting and eating together, Malachi turns to Papa (who was sitting next to him), pointed at him and clearly said "Papa". So cute. He said it a few times after that but only to Papa. It is so weird to watch your little "baby" do all these more grown-up things.

While we were at Burger King, my niece Isabella, asked for help using the restroom. She is five, getting ready to go into Kindergarten next month, and is attached to my cute. While she was taking care of business, she noticed the purple butterfly necklace I wear for Natalie. "Oooo, a butterfly." she said. "I wear this for your cousin Natalie." I replied. "Why did she die?" "Because she had an owie on her head." "That made her die?!?" "Yeah, it was a really bad owie." "I bet you miss her." (Here's where my heart started aching a bit. I had to remind myself that she is only five...what a profound thing for a five year old to say) "Yes, I miss her lots and lots. Has Grandma shown you pictures of cousin Natalie?" "Yeah, she is a dolly in a dress now. She went to Heaven and is a pretty dolly in a dress. Do they wear dresses in Heaven?" "I'm sure you can wear whatever you want in Heaven. Do you think that she is wearing a pretty white dress there?" "Yes, a pretty white dress." I just wanted to cry. Not so much because I was sad, but because I am so thankful that Natalie is remembered even by someone who never met her. My worst nightmare is the she will be forgotten, and it makes me feel better that I have family and friends who aren't scared to talk about her freely because she is gone. Hopefully this will continue when our kids get older.

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Rochelle said...

i can feel your pain as you wrote this story. it is such a sweet story. an innocent conversation with a little one to remember natalie. to confirm that she is held tightly in our hearts and in jesus's arms.