Tuesday, July 1, 2008

First Swim

Well, sort of!! Yesterday, Samuel got off of work early, so he got Malachi a little kiddie pool and got it all set before Malachi was even awake. We figured the sun would make the water nice and warm. We decided to take him out after dinner and let him wear himself out so he would crash at bedtime. Samuel went to check the water while he was barbecuing dinner and it was nice and warm, like a bath tub. But, by the time we got out there, it had started to cool off and a breeze picked up. We stripped Malachi down (we were just in our backyard, so no one would see him naked!) and set him in the pool. He loved splashing in the water and having the dogs come up to sniff him. But after about a minute, he started getting the tiniest goosebumps on his arms and chest and then his teeth started to chatter. A couple minutes after that, he stood up and put his arms out to me, asking to get out. Poor thing was shivering by the time we got inside and once we got him in his pj's, all he wanted to do was snuggle under a blanket. Oh well...I guess we'll try again later! Even though it was short, I managed to get a couple cute pictures.

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Teresa said...

How Cute!!! He looks like such a big boy!!! :) Maybe we will have another warm day and he can try it again! :)