Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Head Banging

Ok, all you more experienced mommies, is there a head banging stage?? By that I mean, falling several times a day and banging your head on something hard and crying your hind end off. Malachi seems to be in this stage right about now, and has just finished up crying from smacking his head in the living room...this is the third time since I got home. I know that he has a larger than average head, but it seems like it might be a little too heavy for him right now and he just can't keep it up once he has started to fall like he used to. I'm surprised he doesn't have a bunch of bruises on his forehead!! He likes to walk around with a plastic bucket on his head, and that has saved him a few times. Maybe I need to duct tape it on!! haha


Rochelle said...

i think that they don't outgrow that phase until they stop growing! my little guys is much more prone to dropping things, running into things, etc. it must be a boy thing, cuz they like to wear buckets on their heads! ha ha.

Teresa said...

I am with rochelle! I think that we experience an upturn in bumps and falls each time I notice a growth spurt. Now, I have no idea about the bucket issue...but if we needed to discuss crowns that were too heavy then I would have something to add :) HAHA