Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sick honey

Poor Malachi has had a icky few days. Towards the end of the week of the 11th, he started acting like he didn't feel too great...snuggling a whole bunch and going to bed super early (he even asked to go to bed once...he must have felt really bad!!). I wasn't sure what to think of it since that is also the same week Samuel started his new evening job and I wondered if not having Samuel home in the evenings was throwing him off. Well, come Friday, he started barking. Poor thing sounded like a seal!! He would cry whenever he coughed and didn't eat much of anything other than cold yogurt, so I knew his throat was hurting so bad. I knew right away that was croup and starting the steamy bathroom trips and Tylenol for his slight temperature. The barking stopped by Saturday morning, but a regular cough and the sore throat still lingered. He was having such a hard time sleeping because of the coughing that we called the after hours nurse on Sunday night and she told us to give him Benedryl to help him relax and then take him to his doctor on Monday. Poor thing had to have a 30-minute breathing treatment and left that appointment with an inhaler. His doctor said it was some sort of virus that was making it very difficult to breathe. He hated the inhaler and cried so hard every time we had to use it. Luckily, once we got the medicine for him, he started breathing easier quite quickly, and by Thursday, he didn't need it anymore. He still has a bit of a runny nose, but I can handle that. Samuel has a regular cold at the moment...I'm guessing from Malachi...but it is totally manageable. Gosh, I had forgotten about the winter cold season. I am definitely NOT looking forward to that!!

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