Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New words...

We are avid Olympics fans. I learned at an early age to enjoy them and have loved watching them (especially the summer games) ever since, and Samuel especially likes watching soccer. This year's Olympics was no exception. Malachi LOVED watching them. He learned to say "soccer"--sounds like ca-ker--and imitates swimmers by waving his arms up and down. Every time a soccer game would come on, he would run around the living room saying ca-ker, pointing at the TV and kicking his balls over and over again. Anytime anything to with water was on, he would wave his arms up and down and get a huge smile on his face. By the end of the games, most sports not in the water were called ca-ker, and both swimming and track warranted the arm wave. So cute.

He is also saying "hi" quite clearly and at appropriate times. Other people than just Samuel and I can understand him!! :) Another funny thing he is doing now is answering yes or no questions with a head nod or shake. Sometimes I wonder if he really understands what he is saying yes or no to, but yesterday, while Samuel was getting him dressed, it became clear that he understands more than we give him credit for sometimes. Samuel asked him "Do you want to wear shorts?" He nods yes. "Do you want to wear jeans?" He shakes his head no. "Do you want to wear pants?" Nope. "So, you want to wear shorts?" Yup. In the evenings when he is starting to look tired, I'll ask him if he wants to get his jammies on and he'll tell me what he thinks, but he usually says "yes" and runs over the the gate at the hallway so we can go to his room. So cute. He also knows what "Let's go change your diaper" and "Let's get your shoes on" entail and nearly always does the appropriate thing. It is so amazing to watch them grow and change right before your eyes. I love that kid!!

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Char said...

Yay Malachi! Ryan still answers almost all questions with NO!