Friday, August 29, 2008

Getting Ready!

We are in the midst of packing so we can head out to Sunriver tomorrow. I am excited!! I found Malachi a blowup pool ring with a seat thing in the middle and a big beach ball to play with. He'll get to wear his bike helmet and play out side all weekend. Our anniversary is Sunday and we are going to go out to dinner to celebrate. But you want to know what I am most excited about??? Tomorrow morning, I get Starbucks and donuts!!! We have been planning this trip since before I went on Weight Watchers and the plan since I started was to splurge while we are gone. We'll be riding bikes and walking and playing so much, I'll have the extra activity points to make up for it. It has been since way before Weight Watchers that I have had a donut--they are definitely one of my weaknesses. I am so excited!!! Samuel has been shaking his head at me all week when I bring it up. I bet these will be the best donuts ever!!! :)
As I was emptying the camera's memory card for the trip, I came across these pictures.

Fun with the FedEx envelope and one of Mommy's socks! He insisted I put that sock on him and then played with that envelope for at least an hour. He would pull it over his eyes and walk around the living room really slow with his hands out in front of him and would just laugh and laugh when he would run into something.

Mommy gave Malachi another hair cut on the 12th. It was so short we had to try the mohawk. So cute, but he has too much hair for it to stay up.

Another shot of his new haircut. Can you tell he isn't feeling well?? His poor eyes are all red. So glad that is over with!!

For some reason he thought putting his feet up on the tray was the funniest thing in the world. We couldn't get him to put them down, so he ate dinner this way.

Playing outside

Boys and their trucks.

Well, I hope to get tons more cute pics this weekend. Hope you are all having fun, too!

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