Saturday, August 30, 2008

We're here!!

Today was a good day. Donuts for breakfast (and yes they were the best donuts ever!! ?) and coffee on the way. We waited until noon to leave, got lunch, and then stopped at my in laws on the way to pick up the laptop and were on our way. Malachi slept for over an hour which was so nice because he hasn’t ever been in the car for that long and I was worried he would get fussy…worked out perfectly. We got to Sunriver a little after 4—right on time since check in wasn’t until 4. We unloaded the car—I had forgotten how much stuff a little guy needs!!—and ate dinner and then headed down to the pool. No one was in the pool which we thought was great since this was Malachi’s first time in a big pool. Little did we know that everyone else was smart—it was stinkin’ cold!!! We let Malachi play in the wading pool and he kept tripping on the floor vent and falling face first into the water, so we decided to put him in the big pool in his floaty ring and we all liked that better. After just a few minutes, Malachi asked to get out and was shivering and his lips started turning blue, so we booked it back to our room to warm up. Hopefully it will be warmer tomorrow afternoon so we can swim again. Fun day!! Hope you are all having fun, too

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