Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday in Sunriver

We didn't do much this morning since Malachi only takes a morning nap, but once he woke up, we biked into the village to eat lunch. We ended up eating at this really yummy Mexican restaurant and then walked around a bit before heading back to our bikes. We decided to take a scenic route back to our condo and Malachi really enjoyed himself. We were able to get one of those "tag-a-long" carts for him to ride behind Daddy in and he thought this was really neat. He talked and yelled the whole way and clapped his hands when Samuel would go fast. We saw some ducks, a squirrel, and an airplane taking off from the airport and he thought that was pretty neat. The only crummy thing about today was that it was so cold!!! Yesterday was so nice and warm, so the chilly weather was quite the surprise. Poor Malachi's hand and cheeks were icy cold!

Since today is our anniversary, we decided to go to Blondie's, a tiny Italian restaurant we found when we were here at the end of March last year for our "babymoon". They have really yummy pizza and a smoked salmon fettechini (sp??) that Samuel just loves. Malachi liked Samuel's pasta, too and ate all the pineapples off my pizza. It is hard to believe that we have been married for 6 years and dating for 7. Time flies when you are having fun, I guess!!
Here's some pictures from today...

Riding bikes is fun!!

Yummy pizza!!

Hamming it up at the dinner table.

Yummy pasta!! Notice the scratch/bump above his right eye...he tripped before his nap and biffed it on his stroller. He wasn't so happy about that.

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