Monday, October 27, 2008

Catch up!

I realized today that it has been almost a week and a half since I last posted. Ack!! I guess it has been a busy week full of things to do, headaches, fatigue, and doctor's appointments.

Last Wednesday, Malachi had an appointment to get his 15 month shots...behind I know, but we didn't have insurance back then. I am in love with the new pediatrician's office we are taking him to. Everything is explained very plainly and written out for you to take home and remember. The doctor doesn't act rushed, and I have yet to have him act like one of my paranoid mommy questions are stupid. Anyways, the shots went ok, he got three stickers afterwards which helped him get his mind off of things. He picked out a doggy one, a truck one, and a sticker with a tractor on it...some of his favorite things. At nearly 18 months, he weighed in at 28 pounds, 12 ounces (85th percentile), was 33.5 inches long (86th percentile), and his head measured 50 centimeters around (96th percentile). He is officially a big kid.

His vocabulary continues to expand. New words in the last week or so include bus (a-ba), moo (moom), hee-haw (like a donkey--except his is ha-ee), meow, and his new best friend, cousin Isabella (we call her Bella for short, so he calls her lella). They played together at church on Sunday, and ever since, he has been calling out, "lella" and looking for her. It's a good thing she is coming over tomorrow...he'll be glad to see her!

Friday, was my OB appointment. Everything went really well and we got to hear the heartbeat and the Dr. said it sounded really good. My worry and anxiety have been getting the best of me and ruining my days again, so he suggested I up my meds. Hopefully that will work. Please pray for worry it taking me to awful places that I last visited when I was in the midst of losing Natalie. I don't need to be there again right now, and it makes it hard on my family when I'm having bad days like this. Stinkin' pregnant hormones!

On Saturday, we got invited to a joint birthday party for a little girl at church and her sister. Malachi was a bit whinier than normal, but I thought maybe he was a little bit bored or something or going through another growth spurt since he has been eating tons and sleeping extra. Once we got to the party, he had fun coloring (first time ever actually making marks on the paper!) and playing with some of his friends from church, but once everyone got there, we think he started feeling a bit uneasy since he hadn't ever been around this many people at once and he actually asked to go home. Poor thing! I was bummed because I thought he would really enjoy it, but I guess it wasn't our day. We left in time to be able to go to my brother's hockey game in Sherwood, and after getting over the loud cheering (he thought people were mad or upset!), really enjoyed the game. We even got to cheer loud when Uncle Lee scored the team's only goal. He yelled and shook his fist in the cute. He also liked being able to spend time with Grammy and Grampy. We will have to try to make it to more of them!!

Well, that's all the interesting things I have to say right now...hope you are having a good week so far!!

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