Thursday, October 30, 2008

Crocs giveaway!

I wasn't too excited about this giveaway until I actually read the details. Did you know that Crocs make fashionable boots and shoes?!? Kailani at An Island Life was asked to review a pair and said that they were really comfortable. And guess what?? You can stop by her blog and enter to win a pair for yourself!! I have my eye on the Shaken Not Stirred boots. They look really cute on their website and are fairly flat for a pregnant mommy. Hope one of us wins!! :)


Teresa said...

They also have the same giveaway at 5 minutes for now you can enter for two pairs :) Good luck!

Erin said... obviously don't know me but I googled "gnome costume" and your blog came up. Normally I would keep moving on, but I skimmed your blog looking for ideas for my toddler's Halloween costume and realized we had a few uncanny things in common and felt compelled to say hello. Not only the gnome costume but I also lost a baby in March of 06 (stillborn @ 40 wks) and now have a 17 month old little boy. I hope you don't find a stranger leaving you a comment creepy (I am really not!), but I just wanted to say hi and let you know that someone in Atlanta that you don't even know completely related to you! Take care, Erin