Saturday, November 1, 2008

Poor Samuel

I feel bad for Samuel sometimes. Earlier in the week, I think it was Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, I was having a nightmare about someone coming into our house and hurting us. In my dream, the bad man had already taken Samuel out our bed and was leaning back over to try to get me, so I was trying to fight back. But instead of hitting the dream-man, I punched Samuel in the shoulder in real life and woke him out of a dead sleep. I woke up right away and realized what I had done and apologized, but that still didn't make up for the fact I had beat him awake. He said I had hit him pretty hard. I haven't acted out dreams since we were on our honeymoon and I have never physically acted out my dreams like that. Poor Samuel.


Rochelle said...

man i love those pregnancy hormone dreams.....they were always so real! very apt title!

Erin said...'s Erin, the stranger, son was born 6/11/07 (typo in my first comment - he is 16 mos). He is a HUGE ray of sunshine after the darkness we went through. So interesting that our lives followed a similar path! I hope you all had a Happy Halloween!