Friday, October 10, 2008

Getting to be such a big boy!

Malachi is now into "big boy"eating food himself. He has always wanted to do this, but if it was anything but finger foods, makes a huge mess of himself and gets frustrated because he doesn't get much into his mouth. He was refusing to eat this week unless we gave it to him, so we thought we would just let him get frustrated and ask for help. But these times he didn't. He has eaten several pieces of toast, sandwiches, and bananas all by himself. He looks go grown up when he does this. Here are some pics of our latest banana eating attempt.

Yummm...this is good!

Pardon the poor table manors!!

The skin...not so much.

His vocabulary is also expanding by leaps and bounds! New words include tractor (ca-ca), bye-bye (ba-ba) and night-night(na-na)--both with waving!--, cookie (co-co), and blankie (le-le or la-la). He is also getting much better at understanding and following basic instructions...well, most of the time! haha He is also getting very good at saying "NO!!", whinning, throwing toys at people and hitting. I am struggling to know what to do with these disciplinary issues since I don't really know what will get through to someone his age. I am especially stumped by the hitting thing since he does it when you tell him he can't do something. My first instinct is to swat his bottom, but a hit to discipline a hit...doesn't seem like a good plan. We tried a 2 minute timeout last night--jury's still out on that one. Hmmm...if anyone has suggestions, please send them my way!! :)

I guess it's a good thing I have another baby on the way since this baby is going bye-bye very quickly!

Here's some other cute pics from this week...

Milk mouth!

I love my Daddy!

Snuggling after a big bonk...Daddy can make everything better!


Teresa said...

Wow, he really does look like a big boy! I love the pics with daddy, such precious moments to capture! Hope all is going well for you and peanut! :)

Char said...

What a cutie he is! We do timeouts with Ryan and they really work for him! I also felt like spanking when he hits was contradictory!

Rochelle said...

boys do love to hit! why is that? he is looking like such a big boy. but he is absolutely adorable. like the pix of him and samuel. very cute.