Monday, October 13, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Saturday, Samuel was sent home from work early, so after nap, we headed to the pumpkin patch. My parents, Samuel's parents and our two nieces, Isabella (5) and Addie (2-1/2) joined us on the adventure. We have been going to the same farm where my brother and I went when we were kids, so it is fun seeing some of the same things from when we were little. The weather was absolutely perfect, and we all had fun. We played in the corn maze, and found the perfect pumpkins...the biggest one for Natalie, a medium sized one for Malachi, and a little one for peanut. There was also a little field of gourds that Malachi loved. They were all the perfect size for his little hands to pick up and throw. He found a really little one that he carried with him the entire time--either in his hands or mouth!!--so of course we had to buy it. Addie was so funny trying to pick out her pumpkin. It took her about an hour to find one that wasn't too dirty, didn't have a "too-pokey" stem, wasn't too heavy or too light, wasn't a "down pumpkin" (still trying to figure out what that meant), and wasn't sleeping (laying on it's side). We all took turns helping her find one and came close many times, but they always didn't fit her criteria. As soon as she settled on one, we quickly walked away from the fields so she couldn't change her mind. So cute! Malachi loved being able to wear his galoshes (even though he really didn't end up needing them...all the mud had dried up) and running and exploring. He also loved the fact that all his favorite people were there (except for Uncle Lee) and got to play with all of them. I have to tell you that this was one of my favorite days ever, and I got lots of good pictures to help remember it.

For a bit of reference, here is Malachi last year at the pumpkin how we've grown.

I also put some more pictures from the pumpkin patch on my Flickr account, a link to it is in my sidebar!


buhtafly said...

so adorable! I love his hair cut! You have a beautiful family!

Rochelle said...

oh my goodness. i love the gourd in the mouth. ha ha. so much fun. i love the pumpkin patch.

Teresa said...

I too love the gourd in his mouth!! Such a classic act, if you like something you must give it a taste :) I love that you added the picture from last, he is really growing up so quickly! Looks and sounds like a good time!