Sunday, November 23, 2008

A boring week...

Well, nothing much has happened since I last posted. Samuel is still on the job hunt with little to show for it yet...I think it is because he is having to go up against so many more people this time around so it might take a bit longer. Oh well, it will always work always does. Malachi is continuing to grow like a weed. He all of the sudden got too long for most of his 18 month clothes, so we got out all of his 24 and 2t clothes and he is wearing them now...much better. His vocabulary has also had another growth spurt...he now says thank you, please, stinky, elbow (sounds like elmo!!), Boppa for my Dad, sky, and a couple other words that have totally sunk into the abyss known as my pregnant mommy brain. He also asks continuously to see the moon. He doesn't quite understand that the moon goes nigh-night during the day and he gets quite frustrated when he can't see it at night when it is cloudy. So we told our first parental fib--the street light outside his room or the one out the back window can also be used as the moon. Am I totally bad?? I just don't know what else to do when he gets so frustrated!! Hopefully the sky will stay clear tonight and the moon will be out before he goes to bed so he can see it tonight. We went to another of my brother's hockey games last night. He had so much fun running in front of the bleachers, banging on the glass, clapping and cheering for Bobo, which is his new name for his Uncle Lee. I wish I knew where that came's quite interesting. Sapphira is starting to be quite the wiggle worm. She will be 20 weeks old on Wednesday--yay half way through!!!--and I can feel her movements quite clearly especially at night when I relax on the couch after Malachi goes to bed. I can't wait until Samuel can feel her...I wonder what Malachi will think, if anything. I had a very interesting dream about her last night. She was born right 20 weeks and I was able to take her right home, except that the nurses took her to a party in a park and I got to pick her up there. She was so tiny in her car seat and fit into the palm of my hand and would just sit there. Malachi was the same age as he is right now, and all he had to say when he brought her home was "cute". Very weird. I don't remember having to many strange pregnancy dreams with my other two, so I wonder if this will get any weirder and when it will stop (and trust me...I've had some crazy ones! Just ask Teresa :)!!) So that's all I have to report! We are taking advantage of the free admission into the zoo on Thanksgiving, so hopefully I will have some cute pictures to post later in the week! Have a fabulous week!

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Erin said...'s your stalker again...this is just TOO hubby got laid off recently too. So strange?! Good luck with the job search, it is definitely a stressful time.