Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Too cute...

In the mornings, if Samuel is home, he usually helps me iron my clothes while I take my shower. We have an extra gate that we put in Malachi's doorway and close him in there to play while Samuel helps me. This morning, when I turned off the water, Malachi's room was a little too quiet and I thought I heard a closet door moving. I thought that could be Samuel since we have the same type of doors in all of the bedrooms. I put my robe on and peeked into Malachi's room and couldn't help but laugh at what I saw. He had opened the drawers on the changing table and taken most of his clothes out. His laundry hamper was empty and all over the floor. He has also figured out how to open the closet door and was going through everything within arm's reach. I caught him in the middle of his inventory of the bag of his too-big shoes. He would reach in and pull one out, look at it, say "shoe" and throw it on the floor. I watched him do this a couple times before I made my presence known and went into his room. He saw nothing wrong with what he had done, and since he hadn't done any damage and can't ruin anything, I let him keep going...I need to clean out the closet anyway! After the bag of shoes was empty, he proceeded to the next shelf, showing me everything that he found before throwing it on the floor or putting it in a better place. I thought about getting my camera, but I thought that might give him the idea that what he was doing was an OK thing to do all the time, so I decided against it. So needless to say, I got to work a little later than I had wanted to! So cute!

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