Wednesday, November 26, 2008

20 weeks!!

I can hardly believe that I am already 20 weeks along with Sapphira. Parts of it have seemed to zoom by, but other parts have been so stinkin' slow!! I'm sure after Christmas, time will start to get away from me and I will wonder where it went and have to start scrambling to get my checklist done! I just can hardly wait to meet her!! Now that we know the baby is a girl, I have no problems buying some cute girl clothes!! I had a $10 Target gift card that wasn't earmarked for anything specific and I found this outfit on the clearance rack at Target for $5! That's pretty cheap for a brand-new outfit!
I just can hardly get over the adorable ruffles and the flowers embroidered on the capris! I don't feel like I am any more excited about Sapphira than I was about Natalie or Malachi, but finally being able to buy cute girly things puts me over the moon!! Boy toys are way more fun, but I just love girl clothes!!! :)

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Rochelle said...

i miss buying little girl clothes! i still want the cute, matchy stuff. i will have to live through you right now. lol