Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Malachi's first library trip!

Well, not actually. We have taken Malachi to the library to check out books for Mommy and Daddy quite a bit, I never anything for Malachi. He has been really into his books at home for the last couple of weeks, so on a whim, I asked at the front desk what that minimum age was to be able to have a library card and the librarian said that he was big enough. We filled out the application and were sent away with Malachi's very own library card with a frog on one side and his name on the other. I was really excited because since we live outside city limits (by just a couple of blocks!! grrr), Samuel and I can only check out one book at a time, but Malachi's age qualifies him to check out up to 25 books at a time (wow!) from the children's section. I was worried about making him choose just one book to take home! We went upstairs and checked out "Good Night Moon" (I've been wanting to buy this for at bedtime, but wanted to try it out first in case he didn't like it! he loves it BTW), a book about planes, another about a street sweeper, one about cars, and a fifth one about police cars. He spent the whole ride home looking at and talking to the books, and then a good portion of the afternoon and evening going between Mommy and Daddy to be read to. Here's a couple pictures of proud Mr. Malachi with his new library card!

So excited, he's drooling all over it!
That white thing would be his card...he wanted to make sure I could see very exciting!!

The only bad thing I learned about with our first visit was when you open the book to look at the content, also make sure to look at the construction of it a bit. The airplane book we took home (which was the one he was most excited about) was coming apart at the binding and pages were just a little tug away from falling out. He still doesn't completely understand being gentle with paper books, so he could only look at it when we were helping him and even then we had to put the book up so he didn't accidentally destroy it! Lesson learned!!

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Rochelle said...

oh man i remember when my kids got their library cards. super cool. hope you enjoy your trips and that malachi loves finding new and exciting things to learn about.