Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! This year, we decided to forgo the "normal" celebration, and head up to the zoo. Admission and parking were free and the weather looked like it might be decent, so we headed up. Samuel's parents and five of our nieces and nephews joined us. When we first got there, it was cold and fairly clear...nothing too terrible if we kept moving. After lunch, it started to rain quite a bit so we covered up a bit more and went to see the rest of the exhibits. I had a plastic cover that is made to fit over the stroller, so we put that on, but little goober Malachi discovered that he could pull it up and stick his head out, so he kept doing it to say hi to his cousins. He wasn't quite as dry as I had hoped for! Malachi loved the fish, and birds just like last time he went, but also took a new liking to the turtles and elephants. I think the part he loved about the elephants was that since he was the shortest of our group of kids, he got to stand up close to the window with his cousins right behind him. He would look at the animals, and then turn to his cousins and tell them all about what he was seeing and how excited he cute!! The rain turned out to be a bit of a blessing since most of the animals we didn't get a good look at last time were inside or huddled up outside and easy to see. Oh, and I must not forget the zoo train. Last time we were there, I don't really remember it going by much, but this time we saw it at least two times. My parents have a real train that runs through their front yard, so his ears are trained to hear the bell and the noise of the engine. He got so stinkin' excited and waved and waved and watched in awe as it went by. I just love that kid! Although it was very cold, wet and crowded, we had tons of fun and might be willing to do it again in years to come. Malachi was just so excited to be outside, and to be able play with his Papa and cousins. When Mr. is happy then I am happy! Here's some pictures from our exciting day.
Petting a very soft bunny
Riding a horsey. It was so cute...he bounced up and down like he was riding a real horse. I have no idea where he got that!
Loving the turtles!
Birds are the best!
The fish are great! Look at the size of that one!
Looking at the elephant with Daddy.
Watching some big turtles with my cousins.
Look at the train, Papa!

Walking like a big boy with my Papa and my cousins.

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