Monday, December 22, 2008

I just HAVE to post this!!!

We checked this book about Noah's ark from the library. It's due back the day after Christmas. I hate to take it back...he loves it. He has learned close to 10 new animal names from looking at it and gets so excited to be able to point them all out. Never mind the fact he calls Noah a "ni-no"... Malachi-ese for a dinosaur...he's kind of right, isn't he? :) I will have to keep my eyes peeled for it at the second hand stores and online. Maybe I can get us our own copy for cheap!!
His reaction to Daddy saying "Let's read the Noah book!"
Studying the "elly's".
That's a "brrr" (bird).
"A lie, a lie!!!" Pointing out the butterflies. Butterflies are a big deal at our house since they sort of symbolize Natalie to us, so he was especially proud to learn that name.

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Teresa said...

Cute!!!! It is so fun to sit back and watch them learn and grow! Way to go big boy, keep up the good work!!! :)