Monday, December 22, 2008

More snow!

This morning, we woke up to big snow flakes falling and quickly covering all the ice that was formed yesterday. Samuel thought it was fine to take me to work (even though I totally didn't want to!!! haha) and we set off. Right as he pulls up to drop me off, one of the salesmen asks me if I am here to work to which I replied "yes" and he says to me "we are closed". What?!? One of the guys I work with was walking out so I asked him to be certain, and sure enough, they closed the whole dealership early. That is pure craziness! Our owners are from Seattle and this is normal weather up there. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I just never thought that would happen. Luckily, Samuel hadn't driven off yet, so back in the car I went and back home we drove.
When we got home, it was still snowing, so after giving Malachi a snack, I asked him if he wanted to play in the snow. To my surprise, he said "yes!". We all bundled up and Malachi walked to the door, took my hand to step over the threshold, took one look at all the snow, and turned around and walked back inside. What a goober! Samuel picked him up but as soon as we set him down in the snow, he started crying and begging to go back inside. I tried letting him touch a bit of snow in my hand and he cowered away from it and whined. The only thing he liked was playing with the ice covered radio antenna on Samuel's car. What a weird little kid!!! I got a few more pictures of him being held in the snow. I guess that will have to do until next year!
"Noooo, side, side, noooooooooooo!!" Translation: "I hate this, take me inside!!!"
Everything's better with Daddy!

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